​​​This year I fufulled a lifelong dream of moving to Maui. In January I moved from my home state of Minnesota to my new home in Makawao. To say it's been transformative is an understatement. The pace of life is slower, great weather, and birds singing everywhere soothes the soul and sparks creativity. A daily walk on the beach doesn't hurt either.
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Buying a new or used car should be fun, like getting a new skateboard or a new doll when you were a kid. But it’s not. It’s intimidating, long, stressful, and you drive away feeling that you spent too much, or have buyer’s remorse and think you didn’t get what you really wanted.​​

Burl Johnson bought cars and felt the same way you do until, at the age of 35, he started selling cars, 40 a month, before managing salespeople in four dealerships in a successful 28 year career. He has personally trained and coached hundreds of salespeople, and desked tens of thousands of deals.

You buy a car maybe one every two to four years. Professional salespeople do it for a living every day. The deck is stacked against you.  With the information in this comprehensive book, everything is put out in the open, and what you find may shock you, and sometimes find it amusing.

Expertly written and easy to understand, you are guaranteed to save hundreds, and more likely thousands, with no more effort than a few well placed words, and the necessary basic negotiation skills.

He even discloses what a salesperson makes on your sale, and what they earn a year. I have never seen that in a car buying book before.

And finally, he humanizes the process, so that you will walk in their shoes, and in the process, have more fun with your salesperson, and get them on your side as your advocate, instead of an adversary.  It shouldn’t be any other way.

This is a must read.

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IMAGINE ME is now published and can be viewed and purchased on Amazon. The book is a collaboration of my sister Nikki as illustrating the beautiful original artwork, design and layout by Joy Morgan Dey, and the story I wrote while getting inspiration from daily grounding at the beach. It's a book for anyone interested in animals and nature.
Childrens book in process
Life in Maui
How to guide in process
Walking down the beach mirrors life. Your footprints are your journey. Sometimes there is the sun, good times, and sometime there is rain, difficulties. You just keep walking. Once in a while, the wind is so strong against you, it takes all of your strength to keep going. Other times, the wind is at your back, and everything is so easy. An occational rogue wave will knock you down, but you get up and keep going.  Along the way you see all kinds of interesting people, animals, and sometimes you find a special treasure.  At times,  someone walks with you, other times alone. You are strong and fresh as you begin your walk, and grow more tired the farther you go, until you stop. You look back over the beach you have covered, the people you have met along the way, the wonder of it all. You pull the treasures out of your pocket and throw them back into the endless sea from which they came. You look back down the beach one last time, and realize that the waves have washed away all traces of your footprints. Such is the walk of life, your journey here is over.
     It took moving to this island, Maui, for me to finally figure something out. That you don’t move to Paradise, it’s in you the whole time.

Using my background in the automotive business for 28 years, I am currently writing a how to guide for selling cars, aimed primarily at salespeople currently working at dealerships, or someone who may be interested in starting a new and prosperous career. There are numerous books about selling cars on the market, but most of them are written by someone who may have sold cars for a short time, or just read some articles about it and threw a quick book together. I have trained hundreds of successful salespeople, and am compiling the best of my knowledge for others. Stay tuned.
I have just completed my second Illustrated Children's book, called Short Bert. It's about a too tall for his age good natured kid. The comical illustrations show his predicament. But in the end, his kind nature shows through.

Short Bert can be seen on the Short Bert tab on my daily blog,

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                      About the Author
My love of children comes from having my daughter at the age of 50, and then the birth of my son at 54.  Being older gives me the best of all worlds with them. I have the wisdom and patience that comes with age, and the time to spend with them now that I have retired from the corporate world of almost 30 years in the automotive retail industry.
My love, respect, understanding and care of all animals comes from growing up on a working farm in Northern Minnesota, and having a family involved with not only farm animals, but also many exotic species as well.
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